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    woman-head-side-silhouette_318-57040Dr. Tayoun had originally opened this Medical Spa downtown San Antonio two years ago before he temporarily moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Now, he has returned and he had decided to operate his business in a new location out of Stone Oak. In the meantime, business has not stopped; his current clients including myself still continue to visit him for Microdermabrasion, Facial Peel visits and other services.

    My face becomes so red after anything that touches it. With Dr. Tayoun's formulas or medical  techniques, I come out of the chair with a glowing face, no redness and no irritation! For these reasons, I continue to visit him. Dr. Hitham Tayoun is fully skilled and trained/licensed for all the services that the Spa offers. Here is my opinion regarding some of his procedures:

    Microdermabrasion is great if you tend to see enlarged pores, age spots, fine lines, acne breakouts, acne scars or simply you would like to have your skin glowing with radiant life. It is also crystal free so it doesn’t irritate nor is it abrasive to your sensitive facial skin!
    Facial Peels simply treat fine lines by smoothing and improving the texture of your sun damaged, age wrinkled or breakout scarred skin. You will receive renewed new skin and helps produce new collagen for that smoother skin texture.

    Botox Injections. Yes, Botox! Although I personally do not use this method much to care for wrinkles, I simply have a good life though when I do, and many of my friends who have experienced this procedure with him, are fully satisfied with the results and his pain-free, smooth touch injection technique.

    Finally, have you heard of the Medical SQ weight Loss Injections? It's a weight loss program designed to provide sustainable and effective option for losing access weight rapidly, effectively and keeping the lost weight off. You can lose 1/2 lb. per day if you follow the well structured diet & work out protocols. You receive one-to-one consultation and close follow up & guidance throughout the program by Dr. Tayoun. Can't beat that! Very satisfied and recurrent customer.

    Diana Toledo September. 29, 2011

    Dear Dr. Tayoun:

    When I met you, I was very interested in your weight loss program. You initially gave me enough information to do research. I had given you my business card, but you were not pushy and never made calls to me trying to push your services. I really appreciated this. I often get sales call after sales call, and I don't like it when they are trying to push products or services on me.

    After careful research on the weight loss program, I decided that it was something I needed to try. I had tried Jenny Craig. The food was totally intolerable. I tried weight watchers. I can't really keep count of points or calories.

    There are other clinics that offer similar services. However, you took the time to explain everything to me. You keep in constant contact with me, and even gave me moral support not to overdo it during Thanksgiving. When speaking with you, I could tell you have done extensive research on your plan and keep updated on the latest information available.

    I could have gone to another clinic, but I didn't want to. It was your support and your wonderful manner that made me decide to use your services. Before I started your plan, I had chronic knee problems. I knew the only solution was to lose weight. I started your plan about 7 weeks ago and consistently dropped weight each week. I have been waiting to get to the point where I am static in the weight loss, but the weight keeps coming off. I have lost over 40 pounds with an average of 5 pounds a week. Actually, initially I lost a lot of weight, which is to be expected. But I have averages 2-3 pounds per week. On other programs, I would lose rapidly at first, but then maybe a pound a week.

    What has this done for me? It has given me my life back. I can now move on the tennis court. I can go up and down stairs better. My mobility is important to me, and you gave this back to me. All of my friends have noticed the changes in me. I deeply thank you for not just helping me, but for caring enough about me and your other patients for giving us our lives back.

    Sincerely and your friend forever,
    Kathy Poirier November. 29, 2011